Yes, this beautiful season does come with some dangers!  But you and your family can still enjoy that crisp autumn weather by keeping these safety tips in mind.  This blog features Fire Safety tips; Fall Driving Tips and Fall Home Maintenance Tips.  Enjoy!

Fire Safety Tips

Now that summer is over and the weather is starting to cool down (not like we had a very hot summer anyway!) and nightfall comes sooner we tend to spend a bit more time indoors.  Remember to:

Service Your Furnace

Before the really cold autumn and winter weather sets in, be sure to call your heating and cooling company to service your furnace. An inspection of the furnace will make sure that everything is in working order and no leaks.

Fireplace Safety

If you have a wood burning fireplace keep that fire in its proper place by using a fireplace screen to keep sparks from flying out of the fireplace. Never leave a burning fire unattended, and make sure a fire in a fireplace is completely out before going to bed.

Space Heaters

If you’re like some people I know, the temperature in the home is probably just as cold as the temperature outside! A space heater comes in handy and can be an effective way to warm up a chilly room, but it’s essential that you read the instructions on the unit before you use it. If your space heater requires venting, make sure you have vented it to the outdoors. Never use your stove or oven to heat your home; only use space heaters that are approved for this purpose. Always allow at least three feet of empty area around space heaters.

Are you Burning Leaves?

Be careful! Wear a mask! The Air Defenders reports that burning leaves produces some health risks and urges homeowners to avoid disposing of leaves this way. Burning leaves should only be attempted far away from a house or other structures on a homeowner’s property. Always check the weather forecast before starting to burn leaves. This activity should not be attempted in windy conditions.

Candle Caution

Candles are a great way to give a room a warm glow and relaxing ambiance, but they can also cause fires. According to the National Candle Association, almost 10,000 home fires start with improper candle use. Never leave candles burning if you go out or go to sleep, and keep your candles away from pets and kids.

Change Smoke Alarm Batteries

Change the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors when you turn back your clocks for Daylight Saving Time. Make sure to check the alarms with the new batteries installed. Check and replace any home fire extinguishers that have expired.

Fall Driving

Who doesn’t love a beautiful fall drive?  The different leaf colours make for a gorgeous picture!  But fall driving brings with it some unique hazards for drivers.  Being aware of these potential dangers can help keep you and your family safe and prevent accidents.

Poor Visibility

The beautiful falling leaves can obscure your vision.  Rain and Fog both cause poor visibility. Shorter days are part of the fall season, making it more difficult to see children playing or people walking and riding bicycles. Be aware of limitations in your visibility, and slow down if you can’t see well. Use your dimmed headlights in bad weather with decreased visibility. If possible, try not to be on the roads when it’s hard to see.

Watch for Children

Remember when you used to jump in a pile of leaves?  Children love to play in piles of leaves, so use extra caution where leaves are piled at curbside.

Wet Pavement

If it’s raining, keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. Wet roads make it more difficult to stop. When wet leaves are on roadways, they make the pavement slippery, and it can be difficult for drivers to get good traction.

Fall Home Maintenance

This is the time for yard clean-ups and getting your house ready for the cold winter ahead. Keep these safety tips in mind as you work.

Look Up Before Pruning

If you have decided that your yard needs to be cleaned up by trimming your trees, be sure to look up and survey the area carefully before you start. Know where power lines are located before you set up your ladder so that it is positioned away from them.

Be Careful with your Ladder!

Wearing appropriate footwear is important when using a ladder; shoes or boots may be wet, causing you to slip as you climb the ladder. The ladder should be positioned on a flat surface before use. Be sure that the tools you are using are specifically designed for this purpose and are in good condition before starting work.

Clean Up Fallen Leaves

Keep your driveway and walkway clear of falling leaves. Wet leaves can create a hazard for pedestrians in the fall by making sidewalks slippery. Later in the season, snow may mix with leaves to increase the risk of falling. Homeowners should mulch or rake up fallen leaves and dispose of them according to local bylaws.

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