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When it comes to the classics, we’ve teamed up with the experts!

We’ve trusted our classic cars with Hagerty Insurance for years, now we’ve teamed up with Hagerty Insurance to provide the same expertise to restoration shops and storage facilities specializing in classic cars. We know you’re unique that’s why, together with Hagerty Insurance, we can offer a customized insurance plan to meet the highly specialized needs of your business!

Hagerty Insurance is the global leader in classic car insurance. They’ve covered hundreds of thousands of classic vehicles over the years and understand the collector community and the businesses that serve it!

Let us customize a policy that is as unique as the classic cars you work with every day! Request a quote, and see how we can keep your business safe. 

Classic car restoration and storage insurance typically consists of the following protections:

Classic car restoration shop
Value coverage for the collectibles you store or display.
Classic car storage facility
Affordable coverage for customer cars in your care, custody or control.
Show and exhibition coverage
Physical damage coverage for vehicles in your care, custody or control.
Tool coverage
Employee-owned tools used at your shop.
Transit coverage
Protection while test driving and in transit.
Coverage for client vehicles
Cars in your care, custody or control for restoration, rebuild or repair.
Other endorsements include but not limited to:
Automobile coverage
Non-collector business vehicle coverage
General liability
Building and property
Garage keepers
Umbrella coverage

What some of our valued customers have to say

Bruno P

It was a great experience to work with representatives of Insurance Executives Brokers & Consultants Inc., especially with Adele Lu who was always helping us in timely fashion and delivering quotes on new cars in shortest time possible (when we were switching between two cars and also when my son passed full G exam). I would recommend this company to anyone.

Anne J

I bought a new car at short notice and could not believe how quickly IEBC sorted out the new insurance policy, no hassle, no fuss. Job well done!


Great staff at this office. They are very helpful and answer any questions you may have quickly and accurately. Highly recommend.

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Let us know if you have any questions about our plans and we’d be happy to help!

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all insurance policy. Let the Insurance Advisors at Insurance Executives Brokers & Consultants Inc. help you design a policy that protects what you care about most.

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