Welcome to Insurance Executives!

Welcome to Insurance Executives!

Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

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Business Insurance

Business Insurance

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Innovative, interactive & invaluable. Insurance solutions for every occasion

We are insurance brokers and consultants located in Mississauga, Ontario. We have been serving our local community and Ontario for over 30 years! Combining experience and premium service, we are the best place for all your personal and commercial insurance needs in the Greater Toronto Area.

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    Travel Insurance

    Whether you are traveling abroad or visiting Canada? We got you covered.

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    Essential Life

    Life is even better when you and your family are protected!

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Why Insurance Executives...

PERSONAL CONNECTION:  We communicate with you on your terms – phone, mail, email, text..you tell us! We have a proactive renewal process; We are active in our community

EASY:  One-stop shopping.  We have the products and markets to provide all your insurance needs. One phone call  and it’s done! Contact us 24/7, 365 through our new Digital Insurance Office (DIO).  Information at your fingertips!

CONFIDENCE:  We have a team of knowledgeable professionals to serve and protect you; We have aligned ourselves with financially stable and innovative insurance companies; You can relax! As your Independent Broker we make sure you have the best coverage for your unique needs.

INNOVATIVE:  Insurance Executives Brokers & Consultants Inc., is recognized by its peers as an Industry leader in technology.   We continue to reinvest in today’s technology to provide you with innovative products and the best customer service experience.

RESPECT:  As an Independent insurance broker, we work for you!  Our staff is committed to providing  you with prompt, reliable service, useful, knowledgeable advice and best value for you insurance dollars.

COLLABORATION:  We work closely with you to fully understand your needs and protect your assets.  We keep you well informed on all insurance matters and educate you on different coverage as appropriate.  

Our Story

It all began in 1984 when our Founder and President, Piero Molinaro, obtained his license to sell insurance in the province of Ontario.

After working for 20 years as an Insurance Broker, Piero decided it was time to start his own brokerage office.  With his wife, Silvia, Insurance Executives Brokers & Consultants Inc. opened its doors in Mississauga on February 12, 2004.

In 2013, daughter Erica joined the firm as a Personal Insurance Advisor and will continue the tradition of a family oriented brokerage. 

Our mandate is simple.  To provide professional, efficient and personalized service to our clients.

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